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With the cold season winding down, homeowners everywhere are beginning to start up their air conditioners for the first time this year. As human beings, we require a comfortable environment to unwind and relax after the workday is over. We rely on our air conditioners to create a comfortable space to share with friends and family while evading the scorching summer sun.

At All American HVAC, we take AC repair seriously because we know your air conditioner is your last line of defense against the seasonal heat that can pose a health risk to young children and seniors living in your home. No other air conditioning service company in the Crown Point IN, area delivers more thorough and reliable AC maintenance and repair services.

If you need top-notch AC maintenance service at a reasonable price, call All American HVAC today at 219-690-8930.

AC Repair Service

AC Repair Service in Crown Point, IN

When your air conditioner starts behaving strangely, it’s vital to have a reliable professional you can call to inspect and repair any issues that impact the system’s ability to function. People often hesitate to call an HVAC technician when their AC system starts acting up because they don’t have a new repair bill in their budget. However, ignoring problems with your air conditioner will only allow them to worsen and impact other components, which could lead to a complete shutdown of the system.

At All American HVAC, our AC repair specialists work diligently to reverse air conditioner malfunctions and prevent small repairs from becoming larger, more expensive issues. Once you call our office, we’ll send one of our certified technicians to diagnose and fix the problem quickly so you can get your home feeling cool and comfortable again. During the repair visit, they’ll also fix any minor issues they find that may cause problems later.

Some of the most common AC repair issues we handle include:

AC Repair by All American HVAC in Crown Point IN
AC Maintenance Service

AC Maintenance Service in Crown Point, IN

Many homeowners take their HVAC systems for granted, thinking they require no maintenance or upkeep after the installation is complete. However, the truth is that your HVAC system needs routine maintenance to keep running efficiently and prevent malfunctions. With routine AC servicing from a licensed, certified technician, your system can perform better and last up to ten years longer before it needs replacing.

At All American HVAC, our experienced technicians have the tools and training to inspect any HVAC system and make the necessary adjustments to keep it working dependably for years. When one of our AC experts does a maintenance tune-up on your air conditioner, you can rest assured that your system will work properly and no unexpected issues will prevent you from keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Our comprehensive AC maintenance checklist includes:

Fixing refrigerant leaks

Air conditioning preventative maintenance ensures your system runs efficiently without wasting energy or causing damage to vital components while running. To keep your AC system running at peak performance, schedule a maintenance appointment with All American HVAC today.

AC Repair Service by All American HVAC in Crown Point IN
Detect Problems

Troubleshooting Problems with Your Air Conditioner

When something goes wrong with the HVAC system, many homeowners’ first instinct is to call an air conditioning service company. Contacting a professional is the best way to ensure your system is operating correctly, but you can try some troubleshooting steps before hiring an HVAC contractor that can save you some time and money. Knowing how to troubleshoot minor problems with your air conditioner can make things much easier for you and your wallet.

Before scheduling an AC repair appointment, take the following steps to troubleshoot issues with your HVAC system:

Make sure your thermostat is in the proper setting, and it has fresh batteries.
Remove any plants or debris near the unit that may block airflow and reduce efficiency.
A dirty air filter can block airflow in the system, causing vital components to overheat.
AC Repair Service

Common Issues That Require AC Servicing

Below is a list of common AC repair issues. If you experience any of these problems with your air conditioning system, our friendly and efficient HVAC specialists can help.
The first thing to do when this happens is to check your thermostat. Ensure the batteries have power and the thermostat is on the “cool” setting. Also, check that the temperature setting is correct.

If everything concerning the thermostat is in order, head to your electrical panel and check the circuit breakers. Reset any breakers that have tripped. If the air conditioner still doesn’t turn on, one of our licensed professionals can examine the system and diagnose the problem.
If your air conditioner is running, but the air coming through it is lukewarm, there may be a problem with the outdoor unit or the compressor. Low or leaking refrigerant can also prevent your AC unit from cooling the air in your home.

Another possibility that many people overlook is broken ductwork. If parts of your ducts become disconnected, unconditioned air will mix with the cool air flowing through the system. Our team can check ducts and seal any areas that are loose or leaking air.
Another problem caused by leaky ductwork is uneven cooling. If the air in the ducts leaks out before it reaches the vents, certain rooms won’t get as cool as others. Sometimes the problem is the vents themselves; check that the louvers are open on all your vents and that no furniture or clutter obstructs them.

Another cause for uneven cooling is poor insulation. If some rooms in your home have better insulation than others, the poorly insulated ones won’t retain the cool air produced by your AC system as well as the other rooms.
The evaporator coil in your indoor unit will freeze over if there isn’t enough refrigerant in the system. As the ice thaws, the water will drip out of the unit into your home.

Another reason for AC coils to freeze over is poor airflow in the system. Plant overgrowth or debris on your outdoor unit, blockages in your ductwork, and dirty air filters all inhibit proper airflow in an HVAC system.

A clogged drip pan or a blockage in the condensate line will prevent condensation from exiting the system. When this happens, the drip pan will overflow, and water will spill into your home. Our professional HVAC technicians can clean the drip pan and flush the condensate line to prevent this issue.
A squealing or screeching noise is probably an indicator of a worn-out bearing in the blower motor. It could also be a loose belt that’s about to snap.

If you hear clanging, rattling, thumping, or banging, there’s likely a problem with the blower motor or the assembly. A professional will have to assess and repair this issue.

A smacking or ticking sound that occurs while the blower is on means there’s debris stuck in the fan blades or the housing compartment. Shut the air conditioner off before checking the compartment for debris and removing any you find.

If you hear a rattling noise whenever the fan starts, the culprit is either loose hardware in the unit or a faulty motor. Tighten any screws that seem loose and turn the system back on. If the noise persists, call a professional to replace the motor.

An air conditioner that makes clicking noises when it turns on and off most likely has a bad relay switch.
The compressor fan is a component in the outdoor unit that helps expel heat from the AC system. If the fan malfunctions, the compressor may overheat. A compressor that overheats may trigger the system’s safety shutdown feature to prevent other components from getting too hot.

If your compressor fan breaks, you should shut down the system and replace it before it causes irreparable damage to the compressor. The knowledgeable technicians at All American HVAC can repair or replace your compressor fan quickly so you can get your air conditioner running again.

The condenser coils release the heat absorbed by the refrigerant from the air in your house. If the condenser coils freeze over, they won’t be able to release the heat, and the system won’t function efficiently.

Like the evaporator coil in the indoor unit, condenser coils need consistent airflow to keep them from freezing over. Check your outdoor unit to make sure there’s no debris or plant life blocking its ventilation.

If there doesn’t appear to be a problem with the airflow, the system may be low on refrigerant. A licensed and certified HVAC technician can inspect your system, diagnose the problem, restore the refrigerant levels, and get your air conditioner working again.


FAQ's regarding air conditioning repair

Below are some of the most common questions people have regarding AC servicing and repairs.

We recommend scheduling a maintenance appointment for your air conditioner annually, about two weeks before the warm season, to ensure the system will work efficiently and reliably. You should also have an HVAC professional inspect your furnace every year at the end of the summer for the same reason.

Replacing your AC system is significantly more expensive than repairing it. If your air conditioner malfunctions, it’s always best to let an HVAC technician try to fix it before you buy a new one. At All American HVAC, we exhaust every option for repair before recommending replacing the system.

However, as your air conditioner gets older, it will require more and more repairs before finally breaking down. Once you get to the point where replacing the system is less costly than continually repairing it, it’s time to let it go.

Your air conditioner will also become less energy-efficient as time goes on. If your electricity bill is skyrocketing, it may be time for a new, more efficient unit.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average lifespan of an air conditioning system is between ten and 15 years, with routine inspections and tune-ups. However, a system that gets regular maintenance can last much longer. If your air conditioner is more than ten years old and starts breaking down frequently, it’s likely nearing the end of its life.
If you had your air conditioner installed by an HVAC contractor, you can check your bill of sale to see how old your system is. If you bought a home with an air conditioner already in place, you’ll have to check the outdoor unit.

On the back side of the outdoor unit, you should find a nameplate. That plate will have the make and model of the unit along with the serial number and manufacture date.
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AC Repair Service

AC Repair Near Me in Crown Point, IN

If you’re searching for “AC repair” or “AC maintenance near me” and live in the Crown Point area, choose All American HVAC. Our HVAC professionals do thorough inspections to ensure your system is clean and running at maximum efficiency.
For the most reliable and dedicated AC repair, maintenance, and installation, you can trust our experts at All American HVAC. Call our Crown Point, IN, office at 219-690-8930 to schedule an appointment today.

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